Floatation Fertility Treatment

Aqua-Fertility Treatment

What is Floatation Fertility Treatment

We have created a range of treatments designed to prepare the body and promote fertility. Combine Reflexology, where our highly experienced therapist will stimulate areas on the feet directly linked to fertility, with a relaxing float where Magnesium absorption is known for its hormone balancing properties and general de-stressing and detoxifying.

Floatation Therapy as a male Fertility Treatment

Floatation therapy and using a float tank can really improve fertility. This is because it helps to reduce stress, clears the mind of worries and brings a huge sense of relaxation over the body; all of this ensures the body is in the best state possible for fertility. By reducing anything that could stimulate the body and brain, floating in a float tank provides individuals with a complete sense of ‘nothingness’ and relaxation is achieved.

It’s only in recent years that floatation tanks and floatation therapy have been used as a fertility treatment, but already the benefits are obvious. Infertility and struggling to conceive can place a large amount of stress on both parties and this only goes on to hinder the process further. By embracing the need to completely remove all stress through the use of a float tank, many individuals find that their infertility problems are reduced.

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