Aqua lymphatic drainage massage


What is Aqua-lymphatics?

Floatation therapy is renowned for being anti-inflamatory and detoxifying. This can
be enhanced further by combining it with a aqua lymphatic drainage massage.
Our therapist will use gentle massage techniques to stimulate lymph flow towards
the lymph nodes and heart. It will encourage the natural drainage of lymph away
from bodily tissues and reduce waste and toxins.

This aqua lymphatic drainage massage will benefit anyone suffering with lymphedema, fatigue and circulatory problems. It will assist those trying to give up addictions, by helping detoxify the body and can also contribute to weight loss, by eliminating excess fluid and stimulating circulation.


Our Aqua Lymphatic Drainage Massage Experience is designed to help rid your body of accumulated toxins, boost your immune system, increase your energy level, while also reducing fatigue.

This full body massage uses specialised medium-pressure manual techniques, targeting the axillary and inguinal regions which have the highest concentration of lymph nodes. Your therapist will focus on your legs & hips, arms & shoulders, neck and abdomen (pending your comfort and consent) to activate circulation and remove stagnation.

The use of essential oil will enhance your experience and relaxation.

This dynamic and rewarding massage will leave you feeling lighter, and with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Bonus: after a few sessions, an improved flow of the lymph can lead to smoother skin and visibly reduced cellulite.

Please note that our Licensed Massage therapists are here to offer a fully personalized approach that will adapt to your specific needs & goals. Make sure to fill out the intake form before your visit so your therapist can best prepare your session.

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