Aqua reflexology


What is Aqua-reflexology?

While you benefit from a float you can now combine this with a Aqua reflexology foot
massage. Aqua reflexology is an alternative medicine involving the application of
pressure to the feet (or hands) with specific thumb and finger techniques. It is based
on a system of zones/reflex areas that stimulate energy and release blockages in
specific, problematic or pained areas of the body.

Our expert therapist will gently manipulate and press certain parts of your feet,
which will effect change in particular organs and parts of the body.
Aqua reflexology helps increase energy levels within the body, aid circulation, improve
the function of the Central Nervous System, as well as helping with a range of other
common conditions.

Benefits of Aqua Reflexology

  • Improves blood circulation and energy in body via stimulating pressure points.
  • Gives relief to Stress and helps in overall Stress Management.
  • Helps relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, Shoulder Tension, Headache, Toothache, etc.
  • Helps improve digestion functioning and reduce Stomach problems such as Acidity, Ulcer, Chest burn, Gas.
  • Remove craving for food and balance appetite and reduce amount of wastes.
  • Help relieve Depression, Nausea and other mental disorders.
  • Minimize Sinus Congestion and Nasal Problems.
  • Reduce Nasal pain and to get rid of Runny or Stuffy Nose.
  • Give relief in lung issues.
  • Relieve Ankle Pain, Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, etc.
  • Help improve Skin tone and heal skin disorders.
  • Help to improve vision through massaging points.
  • Helps to relieve cold, cough, constipation, Arthritis, Dizziness and Sore throat.
  • Helps to Improve memory.
  • Helps to reduce Menstrual Disorders in women.
  • Helps to reduce emotional challenges of irritability, anger and frustration.
  • Minimise addictions to tobacco, smoking, etc. by stimulating some pressure points.
  • Improve healing from sports injuries.
  • Increase relaxation in the body.

If you are suffering from neck problems also see our aqua cranial neck message.

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Aqua Reflexology

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