CACI bust enhancement

CACI bust enhancement

CACI bust enhancement

The CACI bust enhancement treatment is perfect for Women looking for a little more in the bust now have a non-surgical option to give them larger breasts without going under the knife. This temporary procedure gives women bigger breasts by electrical stimulation, simulating breast augmentation results.

The CACI bust enhancement treatment uses micro-current technology along with massage techniques that will help to lift, tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area, giving an enhanced, fuller and firmer breast appearance.

It is recommended that a course of 10-15 treatments, performed twice a week for optimum results, followed by a top up treatment every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

For further information please contact us and ask to speak with one of our CACI qualified therapists who will be happy to book you in for a free consultation to discuss your concerns.

How does the CACI bust lift work?

This CACI Bust Lift or enhancement treatment are the same treatment and ideal for those of you who range between an A and DD cup. If you have had breast implants or if you are currently breast feeding this treatment is not recommended.

To see results of the lift we would take the measurements from the collar bone to the nipple. This treatment will help to lift and strengthen the muscles around the bust area, giving an enhanced firmer and fuller appearance!

The process starts by applying a firming gel to the area, this is a conductor for the Microcurrent to emit into the muscle. There after the muscle will be gently grabbed between two roller bars and held for a few seconds. Only working above the nipple area.

A gentle jabbing and grabbing action will then occur using the probes and Hexapeptide serum buds that encourage tightening and firming of the muscles.

An Application of Hydro Moisturising Cream, will moisturise, calm, soothe and enrich the skin with vitamin E. Then Collagen Revital Serum is applied to the bust area. This will plump, strengthen and firm the skin. Using the probes, a feathering action is used to penetrate the products deep into the skin’s tissue.

The treatment is for around 30 minutes and we recommend 2-3 treatments per week to see the best results. A course of 10-15 would be more beneficial, however this will depend on your individual requirement

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caci breast augmentation

CACI Breast Augmentation benefits

increase breast size.

improve breast shape.

Improved Confidence

Restore Breasts To Previous State.

Fun Shopping.

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