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What is a neon plasma facial?

The Skinbreeze Neon Plasma skin tightening treatment stimulates collagen and improve the skin’s texture and elasticity enhancing the skin’s surface and flexibility. Additionally it has a cleansing action as well as being antibacterial  It is a non surgical cosmetic treatment that doesn’t use needles, cartridges or gas tanks.

Treatment is approximately 30-minutes and can be combined with  Skinbreeze’s advanced therapies which include Crystal Free Orbital Dermabrasion, LED Photo Rejuvenation, O2 Oxygen Infusion, and O3 Ozone Therapy.

Results are visible after just one treatment,  and we recommend a course of treatments for maximum benefits.

Neon plasma facial benefits

Stimulates collagen, improves elasticity & texture.

 Purifying & antibacterial.


 Immediate results.

 Compliments other treatments.

How does a Neon plasma facial work?

The SkinBreeze device delivers an electrically charged gas to the skin, generating a Plasma field by passing a mild, high frequency current through a gas-filled glass electrode activating the neon gas inside to become ionised and converted into plasma. Heat is transferred sub-dermally when the Plasma field generated at the tip of the handset comes into contact with the skin, causing elastin and collagen fibres to shrink, producing an immediate skin tightening effect.

As a result Collagen is stimulated, refining the skin’s texture and improving elasticity. The “Ozone” produced when the Plasma field makes contact with Oxygen in the ambient air has a purifying and anti-bacterial effect on the skin.

The Skinbreeze Neon Plasma skin tightening treatment can be easily incorporated into any existing facial including CACI electrical facial toning to treat skin ageing symptoms including wrinkles, fine lines, scars, acne blemishes and UV damage.

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