Dermal Lip Fillers

Dermal Lip Fillers

Diminish facial lines and restore volume

UTH is a new range of dermal fillers offering some of the lowest levels of toxicity on the market. Its collection of four products comprises of the highest quality raw hyaluronic acid material to improve product viscosity and produce less side effects. They each have a role to target deep set wrinkles, fine lines, hydrate skin and perform tissue augmentation, volume and facial contouring.

UTH dermal lip fillers

Dermal filler treatment options & applications

There are 4 different procedure types to choose from and through our free consultation we will help you decide on the optimal treatment to achieve your aesthetic goals.


Hydrate is designed as either a skin-booster red-carpet treatment or as a course of treatments to hydrate the skin from the inside out. UTH Hydrate acts as a sub dermal moisturiser, stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen. The treatment improves skin tone, texture, hydration and overall radiance.


Fine is a soft hyaluronic acid filler thats provides a moisturising effect and a long-lasting formulation. It’s used for correcting facial wrinkles and volume loss around the eyes, the nose and the mouth including periorbital and perioral lines and the 30g needle makes it ideal for the Vermilion Border.


Deep is a thicker and more viscous gel that lasts longer. This product is ideal for treating moderate to deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and for adding extra volume to lips. It stimulates cells regeneration, while supporting the production of collagen and elastin, which leaves the skin smooth and healthy.


Sub-Q is designed for tissue augmentation, volume and facial contouring. It has an advanced ability to mould, maintain structure and for longevity. Recommended for extremely severe lines and wrinkles including naso labial folds, restoring volume and facial contouring such as cheeks, chin, jawline and nose.

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