How does it work?

Kinesiology muscle testing tests the nerve connection that exists between specific muscles and organ/gland; plus their connection with the brain via their associated spinal reflex area along either side of the spine. The kinesiology tests if the muscle is able to activate and switch off as it should for nerve, lymph, blood supply and responding to the brain’s healthy instruction. If the muscle does not respond, then acupressure and other remedies are supplied, and if need emotional de-stress positive statements visualised. This energy work gets the organs functioning optimally, and communicating with the brain. There are also known specific nutrients that the different organs require to function so often a supplement will be tested to see if that is also needed to strengthen the body system in question. In each muscle exists a nerve receptor connection to a different organ, gland or function. Also there are acupressure points as well as emotions and and chakra associated with organs. In addition heart has nerve receptors that connect with the organs. So the heart and brain know what is going on within the body systems. Stresses in the body system are ‘read’ using the kinesiology muscle test and then balanced with acupressure, essential oils and flower remedies, magnets and psychological statements. Often nutritional supplements

Techniques used

Some of the techniques available include:

  • acupressure
  • lymphatic massage
  • hypertonic muscle release
  • attention to reflex, trigger and body points
  • remedies, such as flower essences and homeopathics
  • nutritional advice.

Stemming from chiropractice and applied kinesiology. It is also based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture theory of chi energy. Unlike applied kinesiology, where muscles are tested for strength, the more recently developed forms of kinesiology use muscle monitoring as a form of biofeedback to the subject.

Many nervous system diseases can affect muscle strength. Kinesiology is based on an energy model of health (not a medical one).

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