Shiatsu massage


What is a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu (shi meaning finger & atsu meaning pressure) massage is a form of Japanese bodywork based on traditional Chinese medicine and the body’s ability to heal and balance itself. It uses the body’s meridians and acupressure points to clear blockages and restore energy flow.

What are the Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage?

Restores energy levels and flow
Allows body to heal itself
Lessens stress
Ease neck pain
Ease back/shoulder pain
Relieves headaches
Allieviates depression
Improves sleep
Improves pre menstrual tension
Improves digestion
Improve blood pressure & circulation
What To Expect During Your Treatment:

Shiatsu is different from other forms of massage, for a number of reasons; the massage takes place on a massage mat on the floor, clients do not need to undress for a session but are required to wear unrestrictive clothing, no oil is used for this massage. Your therapist will ask a series of questions and observation to assess where your areas of concern are.

Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, knuckles, thumbs, elbows, feet and palms. The practitioner uses touch, comfortable pressure, assisted stretching, rotating, joint manipulation and mobilisation. Varying degrees of pressure are applied to acupressure points to release stored tension and massage along the meridian lines of the body restore the pathways to encourage renewed energy flow. A special series of assisted stretches are used to adjust the physical structure of the body and promote it to rebalance and return to its natural flow.

Our clients in Watford describe the manipulation of pressure points as “slightly uncomfortable” but report it as feeling as though something has been released (emotional release and physical release). They often report feeling deeply relaxed but as having renewed energy and movement.

All treatments allow full use of our sauna and shower facilities, so why not arrive early before your booked treatment time (or you are most welcome to stay after your treatment) and enjoy complimentary use of the thermal sauna and showers.

Please Note:
The stated treatment times include time to get changed at the beginning and end of your treatment. If you are a new client, we do ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your treatment to complete a consultation. Arriving late to your appointment may mean we have to shorten your session.

T R E A T M E N T  D E T A I L S

Shiatsu massage is a form of Japanese bodywork based on traditional Chinese medicine and the body’s ability to heal and balance itself.


55 minutes: Price: £65
85 minutes: Price: £85


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